Walt Disney is the creator of mickey mouse. mickey mouse was made in 1928. Mickey mouse is the most famous character that Walt made.
This is a short biography of Walt Disneys life www.youtube.com Watch a short biography video on Walt Disney, including his early love of drawing, the debut of Mickey Mouse in "Steamboat Willie," his feature films "Snow W...
A lot of people liked Walt because he made children happy all the children went to disney world or land and never wanted to leave!
These are Walt Disney's parents Flora and Elias Disney www.google.com walt disney%27s parents - Google Search
Diane Disney and Sharon DIsney Walt's children www.google.com walt disney%27s kids - Google Search
DisneyWorld opened on October 1st 1971 this was a major event in Disney's life www.google.com when did disney world open up - Google Search
in 1919 Walt Disney decided to b a soldier
Walt Disney inspired my life also other kids. Without him Disney world wouldn't be open and Disney channel wouldn't be on.
Dr. Suess is quite a lot like Walt Disney he may not of made a company but he did make a lot of characters. The characters in Dr. Suess well relate to Disney's characters. He should of made a movie with Walt that's something i would want to watch