The waste from our sinks and toilets end up in most river...
The waste from our sinks and toilets end up in most rivers. The rivers are used as dumping grounds. There are many chemicals in house cleaners that go down the drain and are recycled in the rivers. Deodorant and other detergents are the main things in our waterways. As said before, things that are flushed down the toilet go into rivers.
Our drinking water comes fro our rivers. Many things that are found in the rivers are waste, house cleaners, detergent, and other products. The chemicals from those products are polluting the water.
The "Poisoned Waters" states that "drinking water utilities clean out most traditional contaminants. But there's a constant flow of thousands of new chemicals that are unregulated, many from everyday consumer products." In the sentence above it says that everyday consumer products are polluting rivers.
The government can't really do anything about it but we can discard less pollutants to help keep the water clean. We can also help by using less of what is polluting the rivers and clean out the water ourselves.

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