<b>Suggested Websites</b> edu.symbaloo.com Websites
<div><b>New-to-Language-Science Parent Training Videos</b></div> edu.symbaloo.com This was created primarily as a list of resources for parents of CISD dyslexic students.
<div><b>Student How-To Videos</b></div> edu.symbaloo.com Student How-To Videos
<b>Researched Based Videos</b> edu.symbaloo.com Research-based
<div><b>CISD Success Stories</b></div> edu.symbaloo.com CISD Success Stories
<div><b>Transition between High School and College</b></div> edu.symbaloo.com College Resources
<b>Suggested Book Lists for STUDENTS</b> edu.symbaloo.com Student Book Lists
Suggested Book Lists for PARENTS and TEACHERS edu.symbaloo.com Parent Book Lists
<b>Frequently Asked Questions</b> www.southlakecarroll.edu What is dyslexia? The primary symptoms of dyslexia are: difficulty learning the letter names and sounds difficulty reading single words, such as words on flashcards or in a list lack of fluency reading slowly
<div>Favorite apps</div> edu.symbaloo.com Apps
<b>Tutoring &amp; Summer School Opportunities</b> edu.symbaloo.com Tutoring Resources

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