www.youtube.com Here are all of the 5 spheres of the Earth
Geosphere The geosphere is the mostly solid, rocky part of Earth. All the rocks and minerals found on Earth are part of the geosphere. The geosphere extends from the core of Earth to the crust of Earth. The geosphere is divided into 3 layers, the core, mantle, and crust. The center part of the earth is the core. The core makes up the center of the Earth and is a little over half the total thickness of the geosphere. The core is made up mostly of iron and nickel and is the densest layer. Then there is the mantle that sits under the crust and makes up a little less than the half the total thickness of the geosphere. The mantle is made up of silicate materials denser than those in the crust. The thin, outermost layer of the geosphere is the crust. The crust makes up the surface of Earth, including the continents and the ocean floors. The crust is made up mostly of silicate minerals.
The hydrosphere is the portion of earth that is water. You can find the hydrosphere anywhere where there is water. All bodies of water belong to the hydrosphere. Oceans which are saltwater and part of the hydrosphere cover 71 percent of earth. Even though saltwater covers 97 % of the earth, the earth still depends on the 3 % of freshwater. Rivers also can be saltwater but are normally freshwater and they carry freshwater to lakes or oceans. As rivers can be saltwater, so can lakes and ponds.
Atmosphere-A mixture of gases that surrounds a planet, moon, or other celestial body. It is located in the air surrounding the Earth. Things that belong to this sphere are gases and some of the gases are 78% nitrogen , 21% oxygen , and 1% other gases. Some facts about this sphere is the atmosphere is divided into separate layers. The layers have very different conditions.Most living things only exist in the lowest layer which is the troposphere.The troposphere is the layer we live in.The layers are the thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, and the ozone layer.
The Biosphere is the part of Earth where life exist. The Biosphere can be anywhere as long as there is life. four things that belong to the biosphere are Animals, Humans, Insects, and Plants.Here are three fun facts about the biosphere. The biosphere can exist in other spheres like the atmosphere, and hydrosphere. The Biosphere exist in cold temperatures and hot temperatures.Rain Forests have the most diversity in all of the Biosphere. Now you know all about the biosphere.