The 5 layers of the atmosphere
Atmosphere Video Without the atmosphere, we will not be able to live on earth. The gases in the atmosphere protect us by blocking out dangerous rays from sun and making earth...
The atmosphere is the home of gases. A mixture of gases that surrounds a planet, moon, or other celestial body is the definition of atmosphere. There are 5 layers of the atmosphere. The troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and the exosphere are the 5 layers. Each layer has a different job. The atmosphere protects you from ultraviolet rays. We live in the lowest layer of the atmosphere called the troposphere where most of earth's weather occurs. The thermosphere is the hottest layer going up to 1700° C in the day but it doesn’t astronauts because the gas is very thin so very few molecules reach their skin. The atmosphere wraps all around earth starting at the surface earth and going all the way to space.
The cryosphere is made up of all the frozen water on Earth. The cryosphere includes all of the ice, sea ice, glaciers, ice shelves, icebergs, and permafrost (the frozen ground). Most of the frozen water is found in the ice caps in Antarctica and in the Arctic. The amount of frozen water changes depending on the seasons. These changes play an important role in the climate and the survival of many species
The hydrosphere is anything in the world that is liquid water, including oceans, seas, lakes, ponds rivers, and many other body's of water. The hydrosphere interacts with the other "spheres" in many simple ways, as when a wave runs over a rock, or when an ice cube melts,or when it rains.
The crust is the outer layer of the earth or geosphere, the crust makes up continents and the ocean floor. The second or middle layer in is the mantle, it lies under the crust and makes up a little less than half of the geosphere (so it's pretty big.) The core is placed at the middle of the earth and is mostly made of nickel and iron.
The biosphere is made up of living things and the areas of Earth where they are found.Living things live in all of the other spheres.Living things in the biosphere depend on the atmosphere for oxygen. Plants depend on the atmosphere for carbon dioxide.The biosphere depends on the hydrosphere because living things need water to survive. Living things also depend on the geosphere because they need a specific place on Earth to survive.

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