East Asia's Industrial Areas ThingLink Wes Hibbard
JAPAN<br><br>1950's - World's industrial power because they could produce goods that were sold at a large quantity at low prices to customers around the world. This was because the workers making these goods received a very low pay when compared to other areas of the world at this time. <br>Japan realized that other countries were making industries with even lower wages, so Japan began training its employees for more complicated jobs. To increase the quality of their produce, not the quantity.<br>
CHINA<br><br>Has the world's biggest low-cost labor amount. Manufactures textiles and apparel. As well as steel and many useful products.<br><br>1990's China's market opened to transnational corporations. More international outsourcing. Rapid economic growth expanded China's population.<br><br>Clustered into three areas. Yangtze River, Gulf of Bo Hai, and between Guangdong and Hong Kong.<br><br>

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