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8 Things You May Not Know About Superman 1. Superman’s creators first envisioned him as a villain. 2. Siegel and Shuster sold the rights to Superman for $130. 3. Superman preceded Batman by a few months. 4. The U.S. government censored Superman during World War II. 5. Most Superman love interests are initialed L.L. 6. The actors playing Superman often suffer grave misfortunes. 7. Comic book Superman briefly sported a mullet. 8. An Illinois town embraced Superman to bring in tourists. Explore eight surprising facts about the Man of Steel.
Superman was originally published in a newspaper as a villain because Jerry and Joe thought he would make a better villain than a hero.
Cleveland is where Superman was born. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster lived here during the Great Depression, one of the toughtest economic times for Cleveland and the country. Neither Jerry nor Joe were popular. They were dreamers, and they knew how to dream big. Together they created a bright fantasy world of spaceships, strange planets and a city where a young man in red and blue tights could leap over buildings in a single bound. They called him Superman. They didn't just give us the world's first superhero... They gave us something to believe in.
This comic found in a November, 1898 issue of the Plain Dealer was the first comic in the Plain Dealer and makes fun of the weather in Cleveland.
The Yellow Kid was one of the first comic books ever published. The Yellow Kid was about a bald, snaggle-toothed barefoot boy who wore an oversized yellow nightshirt and hung around in a slum alley typical of certain areas of squalor that existed in late 19th-century New York City.
Mutt & Jeff was a long-popular American comic strip created by Bud Fisher in 1907. Mutt & Jeff is known as the first comic that was published in comic strip style, consisting of panels.
Katzenjammer Kids is a comic strip created by German immigrant Rudolph Dirks, and was the first comic to express dialogue through speech balloons.
Superman was created in 1938 in Cleveland, Ohio by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster after Jerry's father was killed in an armed robbery. The two boys wanted to create someone who was invincible, like Jerry's father would ideally be. Superman was birthed super-strength, super speed, the ability to leap 1/8th of a mile and jump over buildings. The hero was sold to DC Comics for $130. Action Comics #1 was the first publication of Superman, and the original issues sells for $3 million today. YouTube
The original Superman movie came out in 1978 starring Christopher Reeve. The movie was a huge hit, grossing $134,218,018 since it came out. The Superman movie was Superman's largest step into a new medium progressing into the modern era.
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Interactive Exhibit- Build your own superhero
Did you know that within the first 3 issues of Action Comics there were 1 million copies sold? At the time that was the fastest any comic had sold!
Along with Superman, other heroes emerged out of war propaganda like Captain America and Wonder Woman. Both of these sported the red, white, and blue colors for America and took drastic measures to encourage America in winning the war. On the cover of the first issue of Captain America, he is seen punching Adolf Hitler across the face in an attempt to have America do the same.
One of the mainstream comics that was before the era of Superman was The Vigilante, a Native American cowboy that was created by DC Comics. He later became part of a team called the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron.
In Action Comics #2, Superman matched wits with foreign spies, which would represent Americans confronting Nazi spies. He kidnapped the leaders of the armies that were fighting each other and made them settle the war themselves, which could've represented how the writers of Superman wanted to resolve the war.
In World War Two, Superman and other superheroes were greatly influenced by scenarios happening during the war at that time, mostly attacking foreign governments and spies while sporting America's symbolic red, white and blue.
On the cover of Superman #12, Superman is seen joining forces with American militia. This issue was released in 1941, right at the beginning of World War Two, so writers of Superman wanted to increase sales and increase support for Americans in the war by showing their alliance.
In Superman #23, the authors take a direct shot at the German Nazi soldiers. This issue features Nazi soldiers terrified when they see Superman coming from inside a German U-boat.
Regarding the 1960's Civil Rights movement, many superheroes evolved to take a stance in the controversy. Many more African-American superheroes were created, and more African-Americans were also introduced in comics.
Black Lightning was one of the more popular African-American superheroes that emerged from the Civil Rights movement.
Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story was one of the more cultural and realistic comics that came out of the 1960's Civil Rights movement. It told the true stories of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Montgomery Bus Boycott through comics.
In issue #106 of Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane; Lois is shown transforming from a white woman to an African-American woman. This is one of Superman's only large motions at racial equality in the 1960's.
In 1952, National Broadcasting Company brought Superman to the television through The Adventures of Superman. With George Reeves playing Superman, the show lasted for 6 years. Fun Fact: There is no relation between George Reeves from Adventures of Superman and Christopher Reeves from the movie Superman.
Beginning in 1940, The Adventures of Superman began as a radio show on New York City's WOR station. In 1942, it shifted to Mutual Broadcasting and was broadcast as a 15 minute show, running three or five times a week. It then shifted to ABC on Saturday evenings until it became a television program in 1952.
This is the original costume from the first Superman movie starring Christopher Reeves.
Author Art Spiegelman interviewed his father, a Polish Jew Holocaust survivor, and put his experiences illustrated in comic form so that Americans could hear his story and visualize what persecution for being a Jew was like in Germany. Maus was the first graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1992. Maus won for its ability to acknowledge the past through metaphorical brilliance with using mice, cats, pigs, and dogs to represent the people during the Holocaust.
Maus was a major turning point in comic history as it showed that comics were able to represent much more than just cartoons and that they were able to convey a much larger messages.
Seduction of the Innocent is an anti-comics book that inspired an uprising over comics and had comics banned from many households. It claimed that the violence in comics was turning children into juvenile delinquents and that the over sexualized women were causing boys to become more sexualized towards women.
Following Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent, comic book publishers created the Comic Code Authority in 1954 to stay in business. The job of the organization was to approve comics to make sure they were appropriate for children of all ages. If a comic was approved, this stamp would be in the top right-hand corner.
Requirements to be approved: Limited violence, no weapons or blood No profanity, sex etc. No alcohol or drugs All costumes must be appropriate Women must be drawn realistically Crime must reflect justice
Because most comics didn’t follow the guidelines of the comic’s code, in the late 1960s, a new wave of hippie inspired humorous comics were created that dealt with social and political subjects like drugs, rock music, religion, sex, and anti-war protests. Underground Comix were spelled C-O-M-I-X to emphasize the X because these comics were often X-rated and to set them apart from mainstream comics.
The New Adventures of Jesus is considered to be the first Underground Comic, published in 1969 by Frank Stack.
Up until the late 1900's and early 21st century, many comics were drawn by hand. Originally they were drawn on pulp paper because it was cheap and easy for people to get their hands on. When the modernization of comics came along with more computers involved in the process, comics began to be drawn on computers for easier production. Even today some comic artists prefer to draw their comics out on paper! In theaters June 14th. From Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures comes "Man of Steel", starring Henry...
The 2013 Superman movie "Man of Steel" is Hollywood's newest depiction of a modern Superman. While still possessing his pursuit of truth, justice, and the American way, Superman is able to make leaps and bounds to reach a greater audience in a modern era.
In 1992, DC Comics was struggling to keep Superman alive. With falling sales and fewer readers, they didn't know how much longer they could hold onto him. As a publicity stunt, in Superman volume 2 #75 DC killed Superman as a measure to increase sales of the comic which ultimately worked.
Crisis was a 12 comic series that DC used to fix their continuity problems in comics by combining the different universes of superheroes together. Story lines and backgrounds of superheroes were muddled together and had many different versions. Crisis on Infinite Earths reduced the extent of Superman's powers, as he was too powerful for any villain to match him.
DC Comics launched 52 new #1 issues in 2011 starring all of their greatest superheroes. Gutting their past, DC revamped superheroes's backstories to make them more appealing to readers in an attempt to revitalize the classic superheroes.
“1993 was the year Superman died and Venom got his own series. Just keep that in mind." -Marvel Year in Review, 1993 Marvel in its 1993 year in review showed that comics were becoming more progressive and changing with the times by having a rise an anti-heroes and having catastrophic events happen to star characters in the superhero universe.
Wolverine is an anti-hero from Marvel. He had much of his memory erased and is also quite animal-like and is prone to fight fearsomely with his razor-sharp claws and formidable healing-factor.. however despite this he is a hero with some degree of honor, as he will protect the weak against bullies and thugs.
Around the wall there will be a border of Superman comics

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