Drive Orientation
Video Instruction This video provides you with a quick tutorial on the new updated Google Drive. Google Docs tutorial - Google Slides tutorial - h...
These are your folders and files.
You can search for particular files within your current location.
Shared with me lists files that others have created and made available to you. These can (and in some cases should) be moved to your personal drive.
Files stored in your account are in this folder.
Create new files & folders or upload a file through this drop down.
Use this button to get the shareable link.
Set sharing permissions here.
Delete selected files by clicking on the trash.
Toggle between seeing your files in a list or in a grid view.
Access installed Google Apps here.
Get context specific information about folders or files here. See what changes have been made recently.
Sign out or change accounts here.
The three vertical dots give you more options.

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