The Iroquois Confederacy had five nations the Onondaga,Oneida,Mohawk,Seneca and Cayuga. Later on Tuscarora joined.
Hiawatha was an Onondaga chief who lived in an Onondaga village. He soon left his village and moved to the forest.
Deganawida,a Huron,was traveling from one village to another trying to get the Iroquois to make peace with each other .During his travel he met Hiawatha.
There are nine clans, divided into animals from three earth elements :Land,Air and Water. The land creatures are Deer Wolf and Bear. The water creatures are Turtle, Beaver and Eal. The creatures of the sky are Hawk,Heron and Snipe.
The head of each clan was the clan mother.There were several clan mothers. there were nine Mohawk clan mothers,nine Oneida clan mothers,thirteen Onondaga,ten Cayuga and eight Seneca clan mothers.They chose the chiefs and have to take care of their children.

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