Arduino Destruction Portrait
Jumper wire- definition: Jumper wire is a short electrical wire with solid tips. Normally, this is used to interconnect components of the breadboard.These are inserted by their end connectors into the breadboard slot. There are two types of jumper wires: ones with crocodile tips and the other ones with insulated terminals. Crocodile tips are usually used to temporarily bridge sensors. In addition, insulated terminals allows increasing the high density of both the components and jump wires.
LED- def: Led lights are small and powerful lights that are purposefully used in many different applications. You must establish the blinking led lights before the process of constructing the arduino board. It is the “baseline” that will provide a foundation to complete future complex experiments. Reminder: Led’s only work in one direction.
DC Motor- Def: a fairly easy electric motor that uses a magnetic field and electricity to create torque, which then makes it turn. “Requires 2 magnet with opposite polarity and an electric coil, which soon acts as an electromagnet.” Claims This uses properties of the attractions to convert electricity in order for it to move. Viedo:
Relay- Def: A relay is a switch which is electrically operated.Several relays use an electromagnet to mechanically operate switches. Mainly, relays are used when it is required to manage a circuit by a lower power signal.Another reason it used for when several circuits must be controlled under one signal. There are numerous types of relays, for instance:The latching relay,The reed relay,Machine tool relay,Contractor,Safety relays,Vacuum relays,Time delay relay and many more Viedo: What Is a Relay? is presented by Katie Rydzewski for Galco TV. Buy Relays at 800-337-1720 or visit: Sign ...
Photo Resistor- definition: A photo-resistor is a light-controlled variable. Other names for a photo-resistors: is light-dependent resistors(LDR) and/ or Photocell The resistance of a photocell usually decreases with a lot of light intensity(photo-conductivity). This is made up of high resisting semiconductors. Did you know that a photoresistor in the dark is possible to have a resistance as high as numerous megohms?
Transistor- definition: Transistors are devices that supposedly control the motion of electrons and the electricity. It works almost like a water faucet, because they have the power to start and stop the flow of current and the amount of the current. Mixing electricity and transistors, transistors are able to switch or amplify electric signals, so this gives you the ability to control the current and move it through the circuit board with precision. In order to work they need pure semiconductor items
Temp. Sensor- definition: a device which collects data about the temperature and takes that temperature which then it is converted into another form for the other device to receive and understand. Temperature sensors are made in various ways and forms and they are used for many different purposes. Temperature sensors are used to find the temperature of many things, such as: human body temperature, temperature outside, etc. The most common used temperature sensor is the thermometer. Viedo:
Potentiometer- definition: A potentiometer is also known as a variable resistor.It is possible to control the brightness of a potentiometer.
USB drive: definition: USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB cables are used to connect your computers to attachable devices, such as : cameras, phones, etc.
Another set of LED lights(has the same information as the yellow LED lights).
Integrated Circuit(IC)- Defintion: An integrated circuit is a semiconductor wafer which contains plenty tiny resistors, capacitors, and transistors are created. It functions as an amplifier, timer, computer memory and much more. Particular integrated circuit are categorized under linear(analog) or digital.This is decided on what kind of things they can do(applications that it carries out). It is sometimes called a microchip and/ or chip. Viedo: Check out us at: Integrated Circuit Definition Integrated circuits are the building blocks of any electronic gadgets.Every elect...
Push Button- Definition: a push button is basically a graphical representation of a regular button which performs a very specific action when it is pressed. Another name for push button is: button. Usually, a push button are clicked using a mouse, but it can also be pressed using a keyboard Push buttons are regularly used online for particular forms and tools which performs a specific task. These buttons are mainly created out of material, such as plastic and metal. Viedo:
330 resistor x25- definition: The resistors which have the color banding that should read orange-orange-brown-gold. These resistors are placed in the breadboard sockets only! The symbol “-” represents any socket on the vertical column. Resistors legs must be bent at a 90° angle in order to correctly place\position itself in the breadboard sockets. This resistor contains 35k ohms. Viedo: Find more information on: Resistors are passive electrical components that limit electric current. This vide...
10K resistor x25- definition: Another resistor with the color banding that should read brown-black-orange-gold. This resistor contains 10 ohms and is commonly used in bread boards. Basically, these have the same properties of 330 resistor.
Piezo Element- definition: A piezo element is a device that takes use of the piezoelectric effect. Another name for the piezo element is a piezoelectric sensor. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge produced in solid items(for example: crystals). Piezo is the combining form that means pressure or squeeze or press. The purpose of the Piezo Element is to measure variations in pressure, acceleration, temperature and many more. Also, the piezo element is useful in finding knocks and vibrations.
Diode- definition: This is a two-terminal electronic component. Diodes usually conduct in only one direction which is called asymmetric conductance. Diodes have two important electrodes called anode and cathode. Also, it has a low almost to 0 residence to the flow of current in one direction, but when it goes in the other direction there is higher resistance. Did you know that semiconductor diodes were first semiconductor electronic devices? The answer is they are. There are many existing diodes, but some relevant ones are: a vacuum tube diode, a semiconductor diode(type commonly used today) and Solid-state diodes. Viedo: A diode is a one way valve for electricity. To learn more about electronics components go to
Servo- Definition: A servo is a small device that contains such materials: two wire DC motor, a gear train, potentiometer, an integrated circuit and an output shaft. Also, Servo is short for servomechanism and/or servo motor. Servos have many uses in things such as, cars, airplanes, robots, powerful heavy duty sail boats and puppets. Servocity. Com claims that “a typical servo looks like a rectangular box with a motor shaft coming out of one end and a connector with three wires out of the other end.” This Design Squad Nation animation shows how a servo—a remotely controlled motorized device—is used to adjust the position or orientation of an object. For m...
Arduino Battery Adapter- The basic purpose of this adapter is to charge it if it is dead or just needs charging, in general. The Arduino Uno is battery powered by making up a battery clip with connector. A battery clip is soldered to a 2.1mm barrel connector (centre positive). The ...