One Page Wyoming Int. report card English
Wyoming Public Schools scores students on the report card using percentages. A student scoring at 80% or above has demonstrated mastery of that standard.
Report cards are sent home at the end of each quarter. Some standards are assessed every quarter, and some standards are not. Some of the standards have end of the year benchmarks. This means that the goal is that the student will be at or above 80% by the end of the year.
Wyoming public schools uses a standards based report card. Standards are defined in all of the content areas: Language Arts (reading and writing) Mathematics Science Social Studies
Common assessments for each standard per subject.
Coursework is calculated using classroom assignments.
SRI stands for Scholastic Reading Inventory. This is a test that our students take at the end of first grade and will continue until they graduate. It measures the students reading ability to comprehend(understand) what they are reading. This is tested 4 times a year.
Attendance is very important for academic success! Each student's attendance history is included on the report card.

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