5 Themes of Geography: Mexico City, Mexico
PLACE: Human: The population of Mexico is 125,235,587 people. Mexico has many different popular architectures, landforms and famous buildings such as the Arcos Torres. The Arcos Torres are two tall towers that are used for offices and a shopping mall. These towers attract many tourists due to the diversity of people and the interesting shape of two tall towers with a diagonal connecting the two towers together. Physical: Mexico is well known for its natural landforms and beaches, people who live in Mexico City often travel to nearby beaches such as Akumal, Cancun or Acapulco. Mexico does not have a four season cycle of spring, summer, fall and winter. Our weather is consistent of a dry and and wet climate but we often have sunny and hot days. One of the most famous and beautiful rivers in Mexico is the Cataratas de Agua Azul found in Chipas Mexico. (Spanish for "Blue-water Falls"). The clear waters and the beautiful landscape makes the best view for a selfie. clintonjamesphotography.com
LOCATION: Mexico is located in North America. It’s surrounding countries are Belize, Guatemala and U.S.A Absolute: The coordinates, longitude and latitude are 19.0000° N, 99.1333° W. Relative: Mexico is to the south of USA and is also known as Mexican United States. It's well known for many foods, popular songs and the fabulous culture with the colours and fun customs. graemegreen.org
REGION: Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico is the region. The region goes from the center in the main city and it continues along 16 states of Mexico. The region's main language is Latin Spanish, though the are many American schools, English is not a main language. One of the main religions Christianity is the dominant religion representing 82.7% but also Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. pre15.deviantart.net
MOVEMENT: In Mexico people usually travel to other countries by plane, but in the city and prom place to place regularly 99% of the people drive cars or motorbikes. Mexico exports telephone and fax machines equipment (technology) ($16 billion); motor vehicles for the transport of goods ($12.5 billion); wires and cables ($8 billion); gold ($7.7 billion); and non-crude petroleum oils ($6 billion) these are some of the main exports financially though we also export avocados and tequila but those are not as important financially. Another thing that Mexico exports is gasoline. The government owns Pemex a gasoline company that exports to different towns and cities in Mexico. Because of this company's success, it attracts other companies and they either make financial associations or compete against each other. lh5.googleusercontent.com
HUMAN-Environment Interaction Descriptor: Natural hazards - Mexico has volcanoes hurricanes and earthquakes that are powerful enough to go through all of Mexico and sometimes US. The people of Mexico require Mexico's dry and cold weather because the soil and clean water are good for grow great quality avocados which is also a big business along the whole country. Most of the people in Mexico live nearby the city area because that is where most of the job opportunities and even entertainment areas are located, but in the other side people like to live in the outsides because is more quiet,peaceful and there are beautiful parks, forests and day clubs where people can connect with nature. www.desertmuseum.org

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