The Ojibwe Tribe
The Ojibwe People Lived in Wigwams
Video About Ojibwe People Teaches about Ojibwa Indians in Wisconsin. - created at
Beaver pelts were traded to the French
The Ojibwe hunted with a bow and arrow(s)
The Ojibwe called themselves Anishinabeg, which is translated to “Original People” and/ or “True People”
The Ojibwe lived by or on the great lakes
The Ojibwe traveled in birch bark canoes.
The Ojibwe spoke Algonquian
People called the Ojibwe tribes Chippewa, instead of Ojibwe, which is translated to “perked up”.
Ojibwe Prayer Song Being part Cree, I knew that the Ojibwe lived very close to the Rocky Boy reservation, where my ancestors came from, I LOVE this song and I included it in th...
Pow-Wow Pow wow in French River area in Ontario
Pow-Wows are celebrations of the Ojibwe culture and religion
The Ojibwe used beads, bones, and porcupine quills in their jewelry.
The Ojibwe traded the French beaver pelts so they could make top hats.
The Ojibwe's shoes were called moccasins. They were made out of deer hides and were sometimes decorated with beads.
Dream Catchers were believed to protect children in the Ojibwe culture.
Ojibwe clothing were made out of deer hides and decorated with beads.
The Ojibwe ate moose, beaver, fish, deer, elk, beaver, and raccoon meat.
In June, the Ojibwe gathered fruits/ berries, nuts, and vegetables.
August was the rice moon. This is when the Ojibwe would harvest and plant wild rice. The Ojibwe made rice flour and breads from wild rice.
Spring was when the Ojibwe fished. They used spears and nets.
In the spring, the Ojibwe would plant corn, squash, pumpkins, and potatoes. They would harvest their crops in the late summer.
The Ojibwe and French allied each other militarily and economically.

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