Male Jumper Wire- These are used to extend the circuit beyond the audrino board. This picture shows that jumper wires help reach out to the other LEDs to help show a dancing movement to the viewers
5 mm Led Lights- Used if your programs use's an Led to light up. This picture shows that the arduino board choses which LED's to light up to form a picture.
10k Ohm Resistor- Resists that amount of energy in a circuit
Arduino Board- Used to write and execute programs. This picture shows that the arduio can be used for bio-tech
Breadboard- Connect different things to the audrino board.
DC Motor- A motor that spins on a axis. This robot uses the DC motor to spin the arm and uses a light to draw an image
Push Button- Used to activate a function/program.
Integrated Circuit
330 ohm and Diodes-
Battery Clip- Used to charge
Temperature Sensor- Used to measure ambient light
Relay- A mechanical with used to continue a program
Potentiometer- Varies resistance based on the dial
Servo- They can vary the pulse of the motor This picture shows that a robot can move forward by using the servo to move the desired legs forward.
Photo Resistor- Changes resistance based on the amount of light
Screws- Used to place the audrino board in the case.
USB Cable- Connect the computer to the audrino board
Case- Use to secure you circuit together
Piezo Element (buzzer)- Use the piezo element to sound analog sounds. This picture shows that the piezo element and the arduino board can play different sounds by pressing a corresponding button