Catalonia is located in the North­east of Spain.
Catalonia borders with France. Between them, we can find Andorra and the Pyrenees.
The winter is not very cold, we don't have extreme temperatures.
The summer is hot and sunny.
In autumn and spring the temperatures are warm.
The farigola (Thyme) is an aromatic bush. It's very common in the mediterranean climate.
The rosella (red poppy) is a wild red flower that abound in our area.
The roure (Oak) is a very big and strong tree.
The Ebre river crosses Catalonia from North­west to South­east.
The plain of Vic is located in the medieval town of Vic in Catalonia's heart.
The Banyoles lake is the largest natural lake located in the comarca "Pla de l'Estany", Province of Girona, in northeastern Catalonia.
The Mediterranean sea is bordered on the North by Europe, the East by Asia, and in the South by Africa. The Mediterranean beaches are very appreciated by the tourists.
Montserrat is the most emblematic mountain of Catalonia.
The "Turó de l'Home" is one of the most well­known hills (1712m)
The Catalan donkey is originally from the region of Girona. It's an endangered species.

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