The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus
The final installment in The Heroes of Olympus series starts out with Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, Frank, and Hazel are all trying to get to Athens before the 1st of August, when Gaea plans to awaken. On their journey to Athens they are warned that one of them will die and that it is inevitable; in response to that, they gather all of the necessary ingredients for the Physicians Cure, which will bring anyone back from the dead as long as their body is intact. While that happens Coach Hedge, Reyna, and Nico shadow-travel across Europe and North America trying to get the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood before Octavian attacks. Reyna has to battle against the ghosts of her past, while Nico must find strength in friendship before he is lost in the shadows forever. Once they get to North America, they are attacked by the giant, Orion, who is out for revenge upon Artemis and her hunters for rejecting him. After the blood of Olympus is spilled in Athens, the gods come down from the sky and help the seven demigods defeat all of the giants; once the giants are defeated, the groups realizes that Gaea was attacking Camp Halfblood and the gods could not intervene, so Zeus threw them across the Atlantic Ocean to Long Island Sound so that they could finally defeat Gaea.
Leo Valdez is my favorite character in The Blood of Olympus. He is my favorite because he likes to work with his hands and he is kind of the 7th wheel aboard the Argo II since everybody else is a couple and I can relate to that. He is also a pyromaniac that can create fire with his hands and can't catch on fire himself and I think that would be pretty cool. Leo is also always cracking jokes even if the mood is dreadful and sad. I honestly don't know who I would want to play Leo if there was a movie adaptation to The Blood of Olympus. There are many actors that could probably pull of the role like Booboo Stewart, Jake T. Austin, and Adam G. Savani.
1. I learned that Orion was an honorary hunter of Artemis until he fell in love with her and tried to make her break oath to never be with a man. 2. I learned that the original pegasus was named Pegasus. 3. I learned enough shadow-travel turn you into a shadow if used too much. 4. I learned that the first people of Athens were supposedly snake people. 5. I learned that if you give up on being able to make friends you will only push yourself away from anyone who does want to be your friend.
I would rate this book 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The storytelling was amazing and the different perspectives really drives the suspense and thrill. Whenever the perspective changes, Rick Riordan ends the chapter on one of his famous cliffhangers that forces you to want to read more. The resolution ties everything that has happened in the series perfectly. With Leo and Calypso flying into the sunset on Festus, Riordan could potentially create a miniseries or just a single book about Leo and Calypso's adventure(s). This book was outstanding, but there were some (very few in number, but still there) times when the book got boring, like the different perspectives of group gathering the physician's cure.
The theme of The Blood of Olympus is to never give up and always trust your friends. Near the end when Piper, Leo, and Jason are fighting Gaea in the air, trying to weaken her, Leo tells Piper and Jason to get out of there so Leo can suicide bomb her. After the battle is over, everyone is worried about Leo not showing up after the explosion that destroyed Gaea's consciousness. Frank and Hazel knew about Leo's plan to be a suicide bomber in order to destroy Gaea, but they did not tell the others because they trusted Leo and his judgement. Without their trust, Leo probably wouldn't have been able to find Ogygia and rescue Calypso. Make sure to always trust your friends.

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