This is the Isle Royale National Park. It has many lakes, ponds, streams, and creaks. There are also many animals and forests.
Many animals are in Isle Royale such as Moose, Red Squirrels, Fish, Birds, and more!
In Isle Royale there are many beaches/lakes. This is one of the beaches/lakes that many people live on. As you can see water is pretty still and calm which is always nice.
This is another example of a lake that people live on. There are many nice trees and beautiful flowers.
Video about Isle Royale Isle Royale, Michigan -- Rugged, isolated island where wolves and moose roam. Buy the complete 58 National Parks on DVD: For more trav...
Bible Verse: Psalm 89:11 The heavens are Yours, the earth is also Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them.
Did You Know? Isle Royale is Michigan's only National Park!
Did You Know? You can only access Isle Royale by boat or float plane!!
Did You Know? Isle Royale covers 850 square miles which is approximately 571, 790 acres!!!!!
Did You Know??? The two largest animals on the island are moose and wolves.