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Social Studies: Students worked in groups and created an advertisement for one of the original colonies. Lesson plan with rubric and student work is attached.
I used the Smart Board to lead instruction on using a hundreds chart when multiplying decimals
Science: Before beginning a FOSS Kit unit over separating mixtures and solutions, groups of 3 or 4 students had 60 seconds at each table to name off as many properties of the item on the tables (examples: coke can, water, cork, air, and magnets). Lesson plan is attached.
Students completed a Nearpod assignment independently, which served as a summative assessment for their Moon/Earth unit. Nearpod
Math: Students used the data they collected from their fantasy football teams and created line graphs to track the amount of points two of their players earned each week. Lesson plan, rubric, and pictures are attached.
I have student taught and observed in a variety of schools. I completed my student teaching at Pinkerton Elementary in Coppell, Texas, that is currently undergoing IB certification. I have observed at Davila Middle School and Mary Branch Elementary, both in Bryan, Texas. My experience teaching and observing in these classrooms had rounded me into a teacher that can manipulate her teaching style to meet the needs of her class and the demands of the district.
I will be graduating from Texas A&amp;M University in December, 2015. I will be graduating with a Interdisciplinary Studies degree with an emphasis in 4-8 math/science. <br>
Tracey Kling Cooperating Teacher during Student Teaching, Fall 2015 (214) 228-5668 Letter of Reference is attached.
Lynda Opitz Supervisor during Student Teaching, Fall 2015 (972) 822-1602
Nancy Weber Professor at Texas A&amp;M, Spring 2014 (210) 860-3007
I created a Kahoot as a competitive review game over ecological succession. Kahoot!
I find technology incredibly important in the classroom. It is an asset when designing instruction, activities, and assessments. This is a collection I've put together of digital resources that I will use in my classroom. Digital Resource Collection
Number Talks
Calendar Math
Whole class brainstorm anchor charts
Interactive Bulletin Boards (pictures taken from internet and will be used as inspiration)
Gamification The attached are two work samples from students. They were expected to get 50 points a week for spelling activities. The spelling activities were given a set point value based on the difficulty (i.e. the more difficult the assignment, the more points). Each week there is a winner that earns a badge for earning the most points. Students also get badges for reaching benchmark score totals.
ELAR: Students will fill a packet with activities based on their readings in The Sign of the Beaver in their literacy groups.

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