GREEK ARCHITECTURE - The Greeks influenced the Roman architecture because the Romans used Greek designs to build their buildings. They also learned how to use concrete to make larger buildings, such as the Parthenon.
GREEK RELIGION - The Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses and performed rituals, and the Romans adopted to their religion, but had their own gods and rituals. "The greatest Greek god, Zeus, became Jupiter. and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, became Venus."
ETRUSCAN SPORTING - Romans also adapted Etruscan sporting events, fighting and chariot races. Although there was much violence and thousands of slaves died fighting as gladiators., these sports became very popular in Rome and the people enjoyed it.
ETRUSCAN ENGINEERING - The Romans became great engineers, thanks to the Etruscans! Two important structures they got from the Etruscans, was the arch and the cuniculus. Etruscan arches rested on two pillars supported a half circle of wedge-shaped stones.A cuniculus was a long underground trench used to irrigate land.
LATINS INFLUENCE - The Latins influenced the Romans with the law, The Law Of Twelve Tables, to be exact. Also, they spread the Latin language, Latin roots form the foundation of a good majority of common words. They also were the first people to settle in the land of the Rom One last example of the Latin influence (though there are many more!) would be infrastructure systems. The Romans built paving stones, parks, public libraries, and plazas.
GREEK WRITING - The Greek alphabet had a more direct influence on the Roman culture. The Greeks wrote in all capital letters and carved important documents (such as laws and treaties). They also carved their writing into walls for everyone to see.
GREEK ART - The Romans greatly admired Greek pottery, painting, and sculptures. In other words, they admired the Greeks art. The Greek influence on the Romans was so big and great, that it is spoke of as "Greco-Roman art"! The Romans also put a sweet twist into Greek art, one example would be them carving out life-sized sculptures of military leaders.
As you can see the Romans got their ideas from many different civilizations in time periods before them and it helped them tremendously. They tweaked these customs and made it all their own. In this Thing Link, it has explained about architecture, art, law, religion, sports, engineering and writing, one of these adapted from either Etruscans, Latins or the Greeks. Hope you enjoyed!

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