Slope of a Line
"See" how the slope of a line is a constant rate of change with "similar slope triangles" here. Similar Slope Triangles
Find the slope of a line by examining a table of values and a graph. Slope Table
Explore a proportional linear relationship. Proportional Linear
Explore a non-proportional linear relationship. Non-Proportional Linear
This slope notation uses the Greek letter "delta" to represent "change".
The slope of a line is a ratio that represents the line's steepness.
To find the slope of a line, examine how the y-values are changing, and how the x-values are changing. Represent these differences as a ratio. Voila - that's the slope!
This slope formula shows an algebraic way to represent the change in the y's and the change in the x's as a ratio.
Slope from a Graph
Practice finding the slope of a line when given the graph. Free student math practice
Practice finding the slope of a line that passes through 2 points. Slope from 2 Points
Created by Cathy Yenca MathyCathy's Blog – Mrs. Cathy Yenca | Happenings from my real-life 21st-century mathematics classroom
Slope From A Table - Featuring Problem #8 on the Practice Resource ---> Table #8
Find the slope of a line that passes through two points - WATCH THIS Re-learn how to calculate slope in four minutes. Just in time for your test!

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