My greatest achievement was marrying the best husband anyone could wish for. I often wonder how he puts up with me but we are soul mates and the love has just grown deeper over the years. look out for proof that Shirley likes a pint!
This funny, intelligent young man is our first son. Now 24 years old I am proud of how we have supported him through his disabilities and how he has grown into the most fabulous, well adjusted and loving young man. a special relationship!
Another very proud day, our second son's graduation. My own graduation has less than happy memories, marred by a loveless relationship at the time. This was such a happy day and it was so good to see this young man blossom with thereward for a good deal of hard work. His UWE tutors spoke highly of him too. 10 new photos · Album by Teresa Mackinnon
This will probably be on my CV too (when I get round to updating it). I felt so proud to be included on this list, not least because I use my twitter identity to draw attention to language issues in the UK, another passion. Today we announce our list of the 50 most influential higher education (HE) professionals using social media.
This is a very recent acknowledgement and one I am proud to have. I started interacting with teachers on the #globalclassroom project some years ago and love the potential of connecting educators and students across the globe to increase mutual understanding. Now my ambition is to engage more language specialists in this sort of activity. By Getting Smart Staff - The 3rd Annual Smart Lists continue with 364 global ed changemakers.
Each magnet represents an international journey, usually to present at conferences such as Eurocall. I am proud that I have this second career, I have overcome many challenges, learned a good deal and am able to contribute to my profession beyond my own classroom. My confidence has grown and I have had fantastic support from friends (many of whom only know me online) and of course my family. New photo by Teresa Mackinnon