Tech Inventory - Monahan
Teachers at Saint Edward's School use technology in a variety of ways. Most teachers are actively engaged in using the LMS to create course sites to manage grades and assignments, curate resources for students, link to relevant videos, and facilitate online discussions. World languages teachers are robust users of VoiceThread while the English department favors MBean for vocabulary building. Many AP teachers have students working in the Learnerator environment for practice questions. Science teachers use a number of free graphing and statistical analysis programs in addition to a variety of virtual labs. Few teachers were taking advantage of online assessment access and the LMS does not permit cross-class communication. No teachers complained of blocked access to sites - our school's policy is relatively liberal and teachers may request access to any blocked site and the tech department usually takes care of it by the end of the day (for example anatomy class may run into firewall problems designed to protect against inappropriate graphic images).
Saint Edward's is a one to one school. Students can choose their computer, but most have opted for Macs. This video is about Online Assessment Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek provides a thoughtful course correction for teachers facing full-on technology integration, offering three suggestions for focusing on media and balancing it with what students should be learning. Cell Size and Scale

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