Gills Sharks have gills on either side of their head. Since the sharks can only use their nose for smelling, gills provide them a passage for them to breathe by absorbing oxygen from the water.
Enlarged Livers A sharks liver takes up a lot of internal space. It helps with digestion like another animal's would, however, it had many other functions as well. Oil is secreted from the liver which helps sharks stay buoyant ( a float) under water. This oil is not only helpful to sharks but can also be used in cancer treatments. The liver stores fatty reserves and also energy.
Spleen Creates red blood cells and is one of the main parts of a sharks immune system.
Heart Pumps blood throughout the body. Made up of cavities like the atrium and sinus venosus
Stomach Stores food. The digestion process begins here.
Pectoral Fins Lifts and steers the shark as it swims
Dorsal Fins Stabilizes sharks while they swim.
Caudal Fins (Heterocercal) Upper lobe is longer than the lower lobe. Also considered the "tail". Most of the sharks thrusting abilities come from here.
Pelvic Fin Stabilizes the shark but on a male shark, these fins can also be useful during the reproduction process because they act as classpers.