I use my hands to speak my mind. And my blog.<br> edifiedlistener.wordpress.com Be well, be edified and enjoy!
My trademark strength is listening.<br>To give myself an earful, I choose this: Elevate This Sound (Calyxx &amp; TeeBee)<br> www.youtube.com Available to pre-order now: http://bit.ly/N79bpB Become a fan of Calyx & TeeBee: http://www.facebook.com/CalyxTeeBee Follow Calyx on Twitter: https://twitter...
Balance requires focus, strength, awareness, support. This is what I teach. This is what I practice.<br> animoto.com I move, therefore I am.
When I am able to write well about what is most important to me I end up with a product like this:<br> medium.com On my deathbed, why I will not be wishing I had fret more over my children’s education.
My title is Physical Education Specialist. Fitness comes in many more forms and flavors than we often believe. All education ought to be physical in some way. Movement is a way of life, not only a subject area. I move, therefore I am. <br>
I am a believer in strength training. I leverage my own body weight to great effect. I'm proud of my shoulders. They remind me of my own resourcefulness and capacity to uplift and support others. #peopleareworthit is my favorite hashtag.<br>
Regarding vision: what I see and what I seek often diverge in my work as an educator. Keeping my eyes open for the bright spots while being on the lookout for signs of learning inertia means that my eyes often tire and need respite. Thank goodness I work with children who reward those needs with their variety, spontaneity and boundless enthusiasm.<br> animoto.com PE scenes
image credit: ©Elena Rachor<br>She is a wizard with her camera.<br> www.facebook.com Elena Rachor Photography, Wien. 546 likes · 2 talking about this. SHOOTINGS bei Portraitfotografin Elena Rachor mail@elena-rachor.at
I should probably wear red more often. It suits me.<br>

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