The Grandstand there is a lot of people to watch the Kentucky Derby for the 2001 Kentucky Derby!
This black horse won the Kentucky Derby on 2001. His name is Garland Of Star Gazer what a amazing horse he is!!
The second greatest racehorse in the world is Secretariat his time for the Kentucky Derby is 1:59 2/5 for the Kentucky Derby for a 1 1/4 in 1973! His rival was Sham who placed second every time he raced against Secretariat!<br> Secretariat, Man O' War and Citation were the only non-humans to make the top 100 athletes in the 20th Century. Secretariat was number 35, Man O' War was num...
There are a lot of Kentucky Derby winners there are 140 famous racehorses that won the Kentucky Derby! This Saturday marks the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby, arguably the single most famous horse race in the world. But these thoroughbreds aren&#39;t just elite in terms of their speed and agility — the Derby represents the very best of this world of wonderfully weird racehorse names in which we are so, so lucky to live.
American Pharaoh wins the Triple crown after 37 years with out a Triple Crown winner! That is a long time! There is only 12 horses that won the Triple Crown! "THIS VIDEO IS FAIR USE UNDER U.S. COPYRIGHT LAW BECAUSE IT IS (1) NON-COMMERCIAL, (2) TRANSFORMATIVE IN NATURE, (3) USES NO MORE OF THE ORIGINAL WORK THAN N...
This is American Pharaoh he is famous!

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