IDEL Road Trip
Music accompanies the entire journey. Playlists are important! Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.
Google maps and GPS are there when I need them. They can guide me or show me a different way. (Moodle, tutors, Hub) Google Maps
I am proficient at operating the car, but I am always evolving as a driver. (Learner, technology user)
I observe everything around me. There is always something new to see. I take it all in. (Readings, links, new ideas.)
I keep in touch with others. I share the journey with them. (No talking or texting while driving, though!)
The final destination is not always set, but I know where I am driving for this leg. I study the route but I am not bound to it.
I've got all my supplies in here, but I may pick up new things along the way. (Like thinglink!)
I am alone in the car, but not on the road. Drivers communicate, collaborate, and move in sync for a shared goal. Sometimes there is traffic. Sometimes the road is wide open. Sometimes I follow, sometimes I lead.
I can pull over and take a break anytime. I look for interesting roadside attractions. I interact with fellow travelers. We share notes and observations. Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon, California
We keep moving. We drive in designated spaces and adhere to rules (and limitations) of the road. We have freedom to make choices, though. The structure brings organization and facilitation. We can go off-roading, though.
I keep track of where I have been and how many miles I have driven.
Fuel (or electricity) is a must. (Internet). Usually the car runs well, but sometimes there are tech problems that slow me down.
On our way we meet minds (virtually). We chat, discuss, learn, share...
We study the digital education landscape.<br>

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