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Grab your friends, phones and tables. Race! www.chrome.com Race across multiple screens. No apps. No downloads. Just start a race—sync up to five devices and tap your screens to rev your engines.
Take a peek at 1,000 Chrome experiments. View by tags, timeline and grid. 1000.chromeexperiments.com An interactive celebration of the first 1,000 experiments.
www.chromeexperiments.com A showcase of web experiments written by the creative coding community.
Google Correlate Comic book www.google.com Comic Book - Google Correlate
The history of Google Chrome in a comic book www.google.com Look under the hood of Google Chrome in this comics interpretation of key engineering decisions with art by Scott McCloud.
Original Google images & b-roll www.google.com Images and B-roll – News from Google – Google
Google's blog for students googleforstudents.blogspot.com Google news and updates especially for students
Make your very own android character and share it androidify.com The all-new Androidify app, available free from the Google Play Store, lets you take the little green Android mascot and turn it into yourself, your family, your friends… anyone! Then, share them as animated emoticons, GIFs & pics.
Interactive DDoS map showing digital attacks worldwide in real time www.digitalattackmap.com A live data visualization of DDoS attacks around the globe
See how Google supports free expression and access to information for those who need it. www.google.com Google Ideas builds products to support free expression and access to information for people who need it most — those facing violence and harassment.
Compare the world's constitutions online. www.constituteproject.org The World's Constitutions to Read, Search, and Compare
Google's Phenomenal shot with NIKE lets users interact and create content in real time with Nike's athletes www.thinkwithgoogle.com Memorable sports moments, remixed in real time
Google's collaboration with the NFL and Madden 15 to create GIFs in real time with games. Includes a creation tool for fans to create their own GIFS giferator.project-showcase.com The Madden GIFERATOR is a highly sophisticated NFL GIF engine. Get live GIF highlights for this week's NFL games or manhandle the creator tool to GIF your rival in the face.
Google's industry site for marketing with tons of data on cell phone usage and what drives mobile users www.thinkwithgoogle.com Google's source for insights, trends and research in digital marketing. Get creative inspiration, industry intelligence and best practices for your business.
Google Trends, real time analysis of Google search in multiple formats www.google.com Find out what's trending on Google right now.
Google Frightgeist, find which costumes are trending nationwide, statewide and locally. frightgeist.withgoogle.com Costumes so good it’s scary. Check out Frightgeist, a GoogleTrends experiment.
www.google.com Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.
View trends on words in books books.google.com Google Ngram Viewer
Take a free product design course from Google and Udacity! www.udacity.com Find free online courses, make a career change, or get a new job by completing a Nanodegree program. Self paced online learning with code reviews.
Learn about Malware and check the safety status of any site! www.google.com Safe Browsing – Transparency Report – Google
www.google.com Transparency Report – Google
www.womentechmakers.com Google is partnering with Women Techmakers to launch a series of global events geared towards increasing visibility, community, and resources for technical women in our industry.
Create infographics using data from google trends! think.withgoogle.com Google Data Board
Google helps journalist tell powerful, interactive and dynamic stories! newslab.withgoogle.com We collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media.
What's trending on youtube? View by city, age range and gender www.youtube.com Share your videos with friends, family, and the world
Make music with words. Download your song for .99 or share it for free! www.typatone.com Typatone
Global visualization of travel by visa need www.markuslerner.com A visual exploration of the travel freedom attached to passports
Global map of language connections and wikipedia wordmap.co This experiment brings together the power of Google Translate and the collective knowledge of Wikipedia to put into context the relationship between language and geographical space.
chrome.com Push your knowledge of the third dimension and enjoy a series of experiments that reimagine the magic of the Rubik’s Cube®.
These are a few of my favorite experiments/tools made by Google!
Draw a cat and then play with it www.drawacat.net The world's no. 1 digital cat drawing community.
spellup.withgoogle.com Spell Up. Speak to play and build up your English. www.chrome.com/spellup
Web speech flashcards. You can even make your own. iambrandonn.github.io Flash Cards
www.peanutgalleryfilms.com Peanut Gallery is a Chrome Experiment that lets you create silent films using your voice.
Turns live subway lines into musical instruments that you can play! www.mta.me MTA.ME
Google Trends Visualizer www.google.com Google Trends - Hot Searches
stars.chromeexperiments.com An interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100,000 nearby stars. Created for the Google Chrome web browser.
chrome.com Chrome Super Sync Sports
Google Creative Lab's - Robert Wong makes visible the process of art and technology colliding "Amazing things happen when there's a strong connection between the art side and the tech side" www.youtube.com http://www.futureofstorytelling.org In his work at the Google Creative Lab, Robert Wong never imagined he would be influencing the future of scientific devel...
Google's Creative Lab, where the magic happens www.creativelab5.com An externship program slash kind of sister-and-brotherhood slash opportunity to do work that just might influence the very fabric of the web.
googlecreativelab.github.io Coder for Raspberry Pi
Use the power of search to combine what you love with what you're good at and what you're curious about! www.googlesciencefair.com Google Science Fair - Idea Springboard. A search tool to help you come up with a project that you'll love working on.
insideabbeyroad.withgoogle.com Google has opened the doors to Abbey Road Studios! Explore, discover and play inside the iconic British recording studio.
devart.withgoogle.com Is your code your art? Be awarded a commission alongside some of the world's best interactive artists at the Barbican, London.
A collection of Google Creative Lab projects www.thefwa.com Favourite website awards. Web Awards recognising the very best in cutting edge website design.
smartypins.withgoogle.com Smarty Pins is a Google Maps based geography and trivia game.
streetart.withgoogle.com Explore the stories behind the art. g.co/streetart #streetartproject
www.google.com The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artefacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum.
Explore moonshots around the globe! www.solveforx.com We’re a moonshot factory. Our mission is to invent and launch “moonshot” technologies that we hope could someday make the world a radically better place.
www.cs4hs.com Google Computer Science for High School
nightwalk.withgoogle.com Explore the sounds, streets and soul of Marseille on this immersive digital Night Walk with Google
www.buildwithchrome.com Now you can build with LEGO® bricks using Google Maps as your baseplate. Imagine. Explore. Build online in Chrome.
creatoracademy.withgoogle.com YouTube Creator Academy - YouTube
camp.withgoogle.com Camp Google is a free camp for kids, full of fun science activities and adventures led by experts. Everyone is welcome, and you can jump in anytime.
tourbuilder.withgoogle.com Tell your stories with photos, videos and rich text on Google Earth.
indiainaday.withgoogle.com India in a Day is a crowdsourced film about a single day in evolving India, presented by Google, executive produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Richie Mehta, filmed by You.
Earth View is a collection of the most beautiful and striking landscapes found in Google Earth. earthview.withgoogle.com Earth View is a collection of the most beautiful and striking landscapes found in Google Earth.
whichphone.withgoogle.com Check out Android phones matched for me! Then find yours.
kickwithchrome.withgoogle.com Kick with Chrome uses some of our favorite existing web technologies. That means no apps and no downloads. All you need is a device running Chrome and you’re ready to play.
www.google.org Nonprofits are changing the world and we're proud to support them. At Google, we drive impact by providing technology and grants, as well as opportunities for Googlers to give back.