Interactive Map of Public Art, Algonquin Regional HighSchool
Captured on October 19, 2015
Bella Alex, 2015
Stephanie Francalancia, 2015
Isabel Zaia, 2015
Tyler Russo, 2011
Emily Hunt, 2015
Helen Yang, Rosanna Giorlandino, DaEun Kim, 2009-2011
Julia Petrillo, 2015
Kassandra Hostage, 2012
Nadine ElNesr, 2015
Ali O'Brien and Susie Carter, 2009-10
Kathryn Massucco and Mackenzie Hostage, 2016
Hannah Gaucher, 2014
Katie Rosenberg, 2014
Katie Dobberpuhl, 2015
Garett Maglio, 2015
Aly Church, 2012
Erik Fuller, 2013
Alison Johnson and Laura Harrington, 2015
Kate Bakala and Joanna McNulty, 2013
Rosana Giorlandino, 2011
Anushka Dasgupta, 2014
Caroline Foster and Ryanne Ramadan, 2015
Aly Church, 2013
Laura Bravo, 2012
Luke Morrel and Kate Bakkala, 2013
Susie Carter, 2011
Reme DiGiovanni and Amanda Mooers, 2012
Cindy Tak, 2014
Kendall Sweeney and Stephanie Francalancia, 2015

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