Animal Cell- Olivia Hunt
Captured on October 14, 2015
This is the nucleus. It dorects all activities of the cell.
This is the vacuole, which stores food, water, and nutrients.
This is the mitochondria. It produces energy.
This is the golgi apparatus. It packages materials to be sent or recieved.
This is the endomplasmic reticulum. It is the passage that transports materials. Rough ER transports proteins. Smooth ER transports lipids.
This is the nucleolus. It makes ribosomes.
The Skittles represent lysosomes, which break down food and waste materials.
This circular sprinkles are ribosomes, which produces proteins that help the cell grown.
The icing represents cytoplasm, which is a gel-like fluid the holds the organelles.
This fruit foot strip around the cell is the cell membrane which protects the cell and allows nutrients to come into the cell.

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