Lisianski is a hawaiian island.That its length is 1.181 miles long .And its width is 3,281 feet wide.When you talk about it’s elevation it is 40 feet above sea level.and it is surrounded by water because it is an island.
some Historical information about Lisianski.Is that it was founded 20 million years ago.this isalnd is one as big as Honolulu .Which is a really big island .the reason that the isalnd is so dangrous is that there is a coral reef srounding it.
there are many animals that go the Lisianski and live there.the three that I chose was laysan albatross which they just lay there eggs there.Brown noddy which live there.And the pacific golden plover which swim around the island.But there are a lot more.
Other important facts about lisianski.Are that they have the highest peak of sand dunes than other islands do.its is one of many island to have a volcanic underground under the island.The name lisianski comes from the imperial russian navy.