the elbow joint is important because it provides strong joints so the lamp is maneuverable. It is made from a strong metal as it has to surport a lot of weight.<br>
wiring made of copper because it conducts electricity, strong casing of rubber which is insulated to stop people getting electric shocks.<br>
screw hold for the bulb to have a constant connection with the bulb.<br>
exterior made of glass is it transparent.<br>
duel struts provide structure for the lamp so are made of strong metals.<br>
screws connect joints and duel struts which gives the lamp a large amount of movement.<br>
made of plastic and metal. Wiring connects through the metallic parts to transfer electricity to the lamp. The plastic is insulated as to not electrocute yourself. <br>
Large surface area gives it a large amount of stability and will not fall and break.<br>

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