Swiss Army Knife
Made from Cellulose Acetate Butyrate which is more commonly known as Cellidor Other models can have wood or aluminium cases as well Because it is relitavely cheap and easy to shape
Made from stainless chrome molybdenum steel which is a mixture of carbon, chrome, molybdenum,manganese and silicon. Hardened at 1040 degrees then annealed at 160 degrees. Because it's hard enough to sharpen and suitable for everyday use
The separators are made from an aluminium alloy called allox because it is cheap and it is light
Scissors made from steel and they were introduced by victorinox in 1902. Because steel is hard and strong
Bottle opener made from steel that is lighter than the steel used to make the scissors and the knife. It was introduced in 1942
Tin can opener made of steel patented in 1952 by victorinox also has a wire stripper and a 6 mm screwdriver attached to it Because steel is Strong and dosent bend easily
plyers two pieces of steel in a tool Because is it is hard and durable
Rivets made from brass. Attach all the components together Because brass is relitavely cheap
Multipurpose hook introduced in 1991 made from steel that is quite soft compared to the steels used for the other parts of the Swiss Army Knife
Toothpick made from plastic because it is very light and very cheap