L 3H-Long ago and today
Long ago and today www.sfsocialstudies.com Our Pre K-12 education instructional resources, curriculum materials, digital learning tools and assessments help to educate children across North America
Verb work www.softschools.com Fun Arcade verb game to identify verbs.
Read this then compare school long ago and today mrsgebauer.com
Make a Venn Diagram to compare school long ago and tody www.readwritethink.org Venn Diagram
Video of long ago schoolmediainteractive.com Compare the lives of people living in a community today to those who lived recently and long ago. Re-creations, artifacts, photographs, and time-lines tell the stories of how our parents, grandparents, and other ancestors lived on a daily basis. Includes different types of shelter, food, clothing, transportation, recreation, and forms of education. Educational video streaming delivered right into your elementary lessons by SchoolMediaInteractive.com! School Videos and 100% Educational Videos provide the award-winning video clips and educational interactive whiteboard activities that will make your lesson plans and student engagement easy. Your favorite titles from SchoolVideos.com and Kto5.com are all now available through this online product from SchoolMedia, Inc.
Video- how is school the same and different www.youtube.com Students in Gaylord compare 93 year old Ruby's one room schoolhouse experience to their own at a modern day school.

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