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The part that holds the ball is a brass or nickel tip. This is used because of its durable nature and appealing aesthetic. i.kinja-img.com
The inventor of the Biro www.britannica.com Laszlo Biro: September 29, 1899 Budapest, Hungary October 24, 1985 Buenos Aires, Argentina Hungarian inventor of the easy-to-use writing implement generally known as the biro in Britain and the ballpoint pen in the United States.
The Lid The lid of the pen has a hole in the top of it to lower the chance of choking if swallowed to allow air flow. It is also to let air in and out to stop pressure when you put the cap on the pen. s3.amazonaws.com
The Ink The ink of the biro is gel based, which uses colour pigment. This is used because it gives a variety of colour choices and saturations. cdn.homedit.com
The Ball The ball inside the pen is tungsten cabide, because of its durability. The ball is used to glide across the page whilst saving ink.<br> upload.wikimedia.org
The Barrel The barrel of the pen is made from polypropylene. This is because it is strong, lightweight and easy to mass produce. www.youtube.com
Ballpoint Pens in more detail en.m.wikipedia.org Ballpoint pen - Wikipedia