The Mandarin fish
reproduction: The Mandarin fish reproduces by swimming next to its mate and then mixing the males sperm with the females eggs and then launching the eggs so they are not as likely to be eaten (sexual reproduction)
Growth and development: The female lays between 12 to 205 eggs. The egg hatches in about 14 days emerging as a fry. the average fry size is about 2mm. in a matter of months they get to there average length of 6cm.
Energy: The mandarin fish is a bottom feeder. eating anything that fits in its mouth mainly small worms,fish eggs and small organisms.
Homeostasis: The mandarin fish is able to keep its internal conditions when it dives deep.
Response to stimuli: telling the body wither to eat sleep or reproduce
organisation: the mandarin fish has organs fins and a mouth so it is very organised.

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