To get and use energy, sailfish eat sardines and anchovies using their big dorsal fin to coral fish. Then they use their bill to stun fish that they can pick off. Spotting the signs for a potential meal is essential if oceanic life is to thrive. In this clip, we see a massive shoal of sail fish off the coast of Mexico,...
To reproduce, a female sailfish will swim close to land with 1+ males swimming after her. Main photo: Andrew Dover A juvenile sailfish at just six months old may weigh 3kg and be 140cm long (6 pounds and be 4.5 feet) and can potentially grow to record sizes weighing upwards of 58kg (128…
During their first year, sailfish can grow up to 4-5 ft. in length.
Multicellular- Specialized cells for different functions. Their nerves send signals to cells, causing them to change color Catch up with the ocean's fastest fish. Find out how sailfishes make use of their sail-like fins and spear-like jaws.
Homeostasis- Heating tissues in the eyes and brain. The body remains the same temperature as the water.
Sailfish change color when they attack a school of fish. They have stripes of blue and orange when they do this. The sailfish arrive at the Isla Mujeres in Mexico every year to feast on the migrating sardines. Known as the 'Sailfish Run' the incredible natural spectacle was captured by underwater photographer Dr Peter Allinson.

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