Battle of the Somme
According to Winston Churchill, their unit remained effective because of their unfailing tenacity, not their skill. Almost 100% of the first division for Britain died, amounting to a sum of 10,458 soldiers. There were many failures of the British high command in this war including lack of communication. <br>Prior, Robin, and Trevor Wilson. The Somme. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005.
The Battle of the Somme took place in Northern France along the Somme River with Belgium to the north
The British and French empires aligned against the German troops
The battle of the Somme was supposed to be a quick and easy way for the British to get the Germans out of Verdun. Sadly, this did not go as planned. The British army had planned to attack the Germans with a weeklong shelling on their trenches. From there the British troops would attack on foot, the weakened German forces. What Britain did not count on happening was the German avoidance of the shells in bunkers. Therefore, when the British entered no man's land expecting weakened troops over 60,000 men lost their lives or were injured on the first day of war. The significance of this battle was it marked close to the mid point of the war and had a tremendous amount of deaths for less than 12 km gained by the Allies. Saying that the Allies "won" is a bit of an overstatement due to the immense amount of lives lost on both sides.
One of the major weapons used in the battle of the Somme was the tank. The tank actually had little ability to fight but it's intimidating stature did the job to strike fear into both sides of the war. They were mainly used as threats to the enemy since they had little ability to actually fire machinery.
The machine gun was devastating to the british troops on July 1, 1916. Because of their confidence in the shelling, the British troops slowly marched over the hill just to be gunned down by rapid fire machinery. The machine guns were used to control No Man's land, anyone who tried to pass would be promptly gunned down. Machine guns are among the most deadly of weapons during the Battle of the Somme.

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