Octopus 6 characteristics of life
Reproduction- Octopus's main purpose is to reproduce. It happens just like human reproduction although both the male and the female die shortly after mating or after the eggs hatch. www.flickr.com Lifted a metal plate (old pier sign) and found this octopus looking after her eggs. Carefully put the plate back down, but discovered on subsequent dive 2 days later, some moron had turned the plate over and left it with eggs and octopus exposed to die. :-(
Respond- Octopuses respond to danger by either blending in to their surroundings or shooting a black thick ink at the predator to temporarily blind them so they can get away. In the video watch from 1:22. www.youtube.com video by kiriaki
Homeostasis- Some octopuses live in tropical climates and some live in cold climates. The signals their nerves transmit depend on temperature. In order to maintain the same homeostasis, the ones living in cold have to move their tentacles faster to keep the same body temperature.
Organization- Octopuses are multi cellular. They have regular cell formation except they have a special skin cell called chromatophores which allows them to blend into their surroundings. animalfactguide.com
Growth and Development- Octopuses are born in a minurature version of an adult octopus. Although, some octopuses might detach one of their legs and it will keep moving to distract their predator so they can swim away. That detached leg will eventually grow back.
Energy- Octopuses get enery by eating. Their main prey is crab and lobster. news.nationalgeographic.com The predator's "sheer aggressiveness" surprised even an octopus scientist.

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