REPRODUCTION Starfish reproduce in 2 ways (autotomy and fission). Autotomy is when a starfish severs their arm and it regenerates into a whole new starfish. Fission is when the central part of the starfish is split into two and then both halves regenerate the missing parts. (can take a couple weeks) Tidepool Tim has collected a bucket of different starfish - each with regenerating arms (rays). See the variations in the size, and regeneration abilities of...
GROW AND DEVELOP Starfish are creatures that are "born" by an existing limb or limbs. Star fish never count on a "mother" figure because they are born by an existing starfish.
ORGANIZED Starfish are multicellur organisms. They have a 2 cell, 4 cell, and 8 cell stages.
HOMEOSTASIS Echinoderms or starfish are cold blooded animals. So in order to maintain homeostasis they have to stay in relatively warm places.
ENERGY Most starfish eat clams, oysters, sandollers and mussels. Starfish dont have good attack mechanisms so they usually look for easy or decaying pray. Eating gives them energy to live.
RESPOND One way a starfish responds the shoot out saponin or a poison. When a starfish is being attacked it quickly lets the chemical out of their body. So that when the predator takes a bite of it they will not want to eat the starfish anymore.

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