The Orchid
Develpment and Growth: The orchid produces a thick bulb-like structure that is known as pseudobulbs. They store moisture and nutrients for the orchid. The orchid leaves, flower stems and flowers itself develope from the growth of the pseudobulbs. Orchid flowers and the orchid reproduction cycle
Reproduction: Orchids are able to reproduce in two different ways. one way is sexually by seed, the other is produced asexually from vegetative propagation. How Are Orchids Propagated?
Uses Energy: while orchids can naturally grow in a variety of light conditions, they mostly flower best in bright filtered light and not in full strength sunlight. light is the fuel that orchids use to flower and grow. if there is not enough light that is reached to the flower it will use all of its energy to grow.
Organized: here is the stem and cell structure of an orchid.
Respond: an orchids bright colored flowers help attract insects and have adapted to look like other brightly colored insects.

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