Hippo Licious
Hippos reproduce in the water with there mate!!!!! www.hippoworlds.com The females can be ready to breed around three or four years of age. The males seven or eight years old.
hippos giving birth which there going to begin growing and developing!! www.youtube.com TVGreen presents "Het Bevalt Zoo": Geboorten in de dierentuin. hippopotamus - Hippopotamus amphibius - hippo - seekoei - flodhest - L'hippopotame amphibie - ...
Hippos use water to cool their body temperature as well as to conserve energy. Also they eat plant life.
Hippos are very social and live in groups of 15 to 20. That's how they are organized.
For homeostasis hippos keep a normal temperature because they are in the water all day. www.desertusa.com
Most Hippos stimuli in an aggressive manner. Hippos are aggressive towards people and attack crocodiles. i4.mirror.co.uk

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