Reproduction: All living things under go reproduction. Sloths under go sexual reproduction.
Organization: All living things are made up off cells. A sloth is a multi-cellular organism
Grow and develop: Two toed sloths usually grow larger and develop faster than other species of sloths. They are also nocturnal. Three toed sloths are generally smaller and develop slower than other species. They are both diurnal and nocturnal.
Use of energy: Sloths get energy from energy from eating and drinking. but most of it comes from the 15-20 hours of sleep they get each day.
Homeostasis: One example of homeostasis is that the three toed sloth moves so slow that algae grows on its fur, this makes it easier to hide from predators as it acts as a camouflage while they are on trees. Another example of homeostasis is sloths tend to fall off the trees they are hanging on a lot. If there is water under them it is a natural reaction to start swimming right away so it doesn't drown.
respond: Sloths respond internally and externally. Internal responses are when a sloth is feeling hungry or thirsty. External responses are things such as when a sloth is outside and it's sunny the response is that the sloths hair will lighten.

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