Your psychological state is one of three aspects that cau...
Your psychological state is one of three aspects that cause stress. Your body responds to stress psychologically through cognitive appraisal which is where the individual perceives an event to be stressful. There are two processes to cognitive appraisal, primary and secondary appraisal. Primary appraisal is where the individual decides if an event has positive, negative or neutral consequences and secondary appraisal is an assessment of your coping abilities. Causes of psychological stress may be a death of a family member or close friend, or getting divorced and the effects of this stress on your mental health may be loss of memory, anxiety, poor judgement and the inability to concentrate.
Another one of the three aspects of stress is the physiological aspect which is one of the most dangerous. Physiological responses are mainly physical responses such as increased heart rate, pupils dilate and such. There are also response such as adrenaline to rush and cause a fight or flight which makes your cortisol (hormone tat regulates your body) levels unstable. With unstable cortisol levels it leaves your body in a constant fight or flight state which is detrimental to your body if it continues for a long period of time. Chronic stressors such as poverty and unemployment are causes of physiological responses to stress.
The last of the three aspects of stress is the social aspect. Stress caused socially is stress from a change in your everyday life such as getting divorced, getting married, and many different events that all which have a level of stress that it gives an individual (Holmes and Rahe 1967). With this type of stress one normally has a weakened immune system and tends to suffer illnesses more often.
What is stess? a negative emotional experience accompanied by various physiological, cognitive and behavioral reactions.

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