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This part of the calculator is called the keyboard membrane. This goes under the keyboard and when a button is pressed the rubber is pushed down and activates the chip. i think that the reason why the membrane is made of rubber is because it is very soft meaning that you don't have to push the buttons too hard. Membrane keyboard - Wikipedia
These buttons are made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (also known as abs). I think that the designer of this made sure that the buttons were quite soft but they couldn't be too soft (e.g rubber) because then the buttons would have to be pushed very hard. This wouldn't be very good because then the calculator wouldn't be easy to use it quickly. I don't think that these buttons would be very sustainable due to the fact that although they are quite small there are lots that are made and for an a average calculator this would use quite a lot of plastic which uses oil.  They’re fun for spelling out rude words and passing the odd GSCE test, but do you actually know what the rest of those buttons do on a calculator? No?…Well me neither and after about the first line, all the symbols began to look like Serbo-Croat acronyms. So I decided to spend the morning researching and […]
This electrical wires get is made of copper with a layer of plastic rubber over the top for safety. i think that the plastic cover over the top is quite a good idea for safety but since it is plastic which is made of oil, it isn't very sustainable. I think that 100cm squared is a suitable number for that area of plastic used overall on each calculator on wire, and considering how many calculators are made, this is a lot of plastic used. Electrical wiring - Wikipedia
This calculator circit is much like any other it is made of copper. This is good because copper can be infinitely recycled which makes it very sustainable and eco friendly. Although copper is recyclable, I don't think the the copper used for these PCBs is recycled because copper uses some of its properties. I think that the copper used needs to be very hard and pure because I think that after recycling copper you need to add some bits to it to make it reusable. Printed circuit board history and PCB resources, including How to Build a Printed Circuit Board presentation and our PCB Manufacturing Tutorial.
This calculator case is made of plastic similarly to the other parts. This cover also isn't very good for the environment because it is made of oil which is limited.

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