"Plate tectonics" via David Hartwell
Trench-the leading edge where an oceanic plate begins to subduct <br /> upload.wikimedia.org
divergent zone- where seafloor spreading occurs; new crust forms image.slidesharecdn.com
Island arc- a line of volcanoes along an oceanic-oceanic subduction zone upload.wikimedia.org
volcanic mountain range- created by a subducting plate melting, this range parallels the trench; example: Andes Mountains www.e-education.psu.edu
Transform boundary- plates slide against each other, producing earthquakes geology.uprm.edu
friction causes melting of the overlying plate; less dense, the magma moves upward to create volcanoes www.geologycafe.com
magma from below moves up to fill in the rift zone opening above www.youtube.com
Convection occurs in the lower mantle. Hitting the asthenosphere above, the rising magma plume spreads apart, pulling at the soft rock, creating a diverging zone. www.youtube.com
Lower Mantle- made of thick magma; convection here powers the tectonic plate movement above
asthenosphere- hot rock, but not melted; soft, can be bent, stretched (note: should be shown as a separate layer below lithosphere)
Lithosphere- hard, solid rock, along with crust (above) makes up tectonic plates
oceanic crust- thin, dense, young
Continental crust- least dense layer of rock; &quot;floats&quot; on top of Earth&apos;s layers, making it the oldest layer. Allows more dense oceanic crust to subduct.
The Wilson Cycle shows how a rift zone on land becomes a seafloor spreading zone; eventually the sea closes up and mountains form. www.youtube.com A short animation about how a continent splits up into a continental rift valley and later into an open ocean by sea floor spreding, and finally the closure ...
shallow earthquakes
intermediate depth earthquakes
deep earthquakes
shallow earthquakes
sediment build-up at continent&apos;s edge gets dragged into subduction zone, leading to pressure build-up and tsunamis www.youtube.com This replaces previous subduction animation. www.iris.edu/educate In this animation, we are showing an ocean/continent convergent boundary. We see the denser...
Mr. Comerford&apos;s plate boundary rap www.thinglink.com TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink

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