“My life has had a single strain: to see Jesus in every human being, to realize that each one is inviolable and sacred in the eyes of God, and then to translate that into everything that I do.”
“You can take course after course of so-called theology and never hear the message at the heart of Christianity—the message of Jesus, which is indiscriminate love.”
“If only people would read and listen to the Sermon on the Mount, to the beatitudes, how much better this world would be.”
Fr. Vianney Devlin, parochial vicar of St. Stephen’s, called Egan “the enfleshment of the Beatitudes,”
Ken Hackett, a former executive director of Catholic Relief Services, stated that "Eileen Egan exemplifies what CRS' mission is all about. Her recognition of war refugees as human beings worthy of dignity and respect represents the basic principles through which CRS was founded."
Watch: 0:12-1:14; 16:22-17:21 In this video, Eileen Egan talks and shares her thoughts on abortion. She relates abortion to war and believes that they are no different and that they both are ways of ending a person’s life. www.youtube.com The Seamless Garment produced by Lou Buttino and featuring interviews with: * John Dear, S.J. * Eileen Egan * Nat Hentoff * Consuelo Beck-Sague; and * Juli L...
Eileen Egan, inspired by Dorothy Day and Mother Theresa, attempted to recognize the image of God in all people. She opposed all ideas of war, economic injustice, capital punishment, abortion, and any practice of ideology that undermined the sacredness of life. Influenced by Jesus, she pursued her own mission: “to vindicate the ancient spirit of nonviolence, to work toward the day when the word Christian might once again be synonymous with peacemaker”. www1.cuny.edu
Acting as a representative for the CRS, she introduced a motion to the U.N. Human Rights Commission to recognize the universal right of conscientious objection and assisted refugees and development projects in Europe, Asia and Latin America. secure.crs.org
Egan was the first layperson and first woman to work for the CRA. In the 60s, she help founded the American branch of Pax Christi, where she lobbied the U.S. bishops to take a stand against the Vietnam War and to recognize the right of selective conscientious objection. www.paxchristi.be