TPACK: Explained
The "sweet spot" is the place where it all comes together! YouTube
I am going to explain TPACK by using examples of how I feel this model will come to life in my classroom (middle school, exploratory music).
In my classroom I teach many units, from teaching my students to play instruments, to the history of rock and roll, to studying the interactions between classical music and animations.
I have taught many units, where I found myself researching the content and than having to sift through my research and figure out the best way to teach it.
In my classroom I use programs such as Garageband and iMovie. Use of this software requires knowledge of how the software works, and how to teach this software to middle school students. I have spent 1-2 classes teaching the software before moving forward to the project involving the use of the software.
This area refers to how content knowledge and technological knowledge work together. In my classroom I always make sure that a technology will help me in teaching my students the subject matter. There a lot of great websites that are interactive and I use in my classroom. Incredibox is one of the website I have used with my students. I use this as a supplement when teaching students about musical form. Incredibox is a free musical app in which you can easily create a mix by running a band of beatboxers. Record your mix, share it, then get tons of like and make it to the TOP 50! Show us what you got! Pump it up and chill ;)
This outer circle is something that has been added as a result of attacks to this model. The outer circle addresses aspects of teaching that a circumstantial and every teacher will make different decisions based on these factors.

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