The Aims and the Membership of the League of Nations
The first aim that the League proposed was to discourage aggression, this meant to start making countries realize that fighting was not the solution to everything and encourage them to find another solution .
The second aim that the League proposed was to encourage countries to cooperate, this meant that they had to help on anything, but especially in business & trade. And if this term wasn't incorporate this would bring tension and maybe a future war.
The third aim that the League proposed was to encourage more nations to disarm, this meant that they had to reduce their army their, navy and their air force.
And the fourth and last aim that the League proposed was to improve the way of living and working condition, of the people in all parts of the world, this meant that every country had to improve their way of confronting the situation, referring to the way they lived and worked
Britain and France were the most powerful countries on the League and they guided policy. Any action of the league needed their support. But these two countries were weakened by WW1 so, they started losing power and they couldn't replace USA in the League, because they thought that the Americans were the only ones that had the resources and influence for the League to work, and that only the sanctions made by USA would've work. aims and membership, league of nations - Google Search
Also these two countries had other priorities. While Britain was more interested in restoring their trade and keeping their empire safe, France was concerned about possible German's attacks and to strengthen their position with Germany.

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