This case which holds everything in place, is made out of metal. Stainless steel metal to be precise, this is a good metal as it resists against rust. It will also provide the camera with a longer life.Stainless steel is one of the most cheapest and easy to make metals. It is also very common we have stainless steel in most things that we use in our daily life.E.g in knifes and forks or the bindings of our hard folders.
These screws kept everything in place. They are made of Carbon steel.Which is used commonly in screws.
This is a thin sheet of plastic is called a Plastic Film. The same they used in the older cameras.Which every say 20 photos you would have to replace it. It is made from polyethylene which most common in plastic
This is a video about how copper is made. We see this stuff every day. We never think how many steps it takes to get it.

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