Spray Bottle Deconstruction
The bottle is made from plastic because it is safer to hold and better for the environment. I think it is made from low density polythene (LDPE) plastic.vIf it was glass it would break if it was dropped on the floor. It is quite comfortable and does not hurt your hand to hold. It is also easy to recycle.
This spring helps the top part of the spray bottle to squirt the nozzle up and down easily with this spring. It is made of metal and is hidden away inside the mechanism so the manufacturer doesn't need to worry about it being comfortable to hold or safe to be touched.
This part of the bottle is the nozzel holder. I think it is made of polypropylene plastic, not glass so that it won't smash if it's dropped on the floor. This video above is about a similar plastic bottle and all the different parts of it. There are also quite a few parts to this spray bottle as well. Watch closely. www.youtube.com Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
This tube here I think is made of High density polythene (HDPE) plastic. It sucks up all the water and guides it into the nozzel to then be sprayed out.
This is the nozzel. It sprays the liquid substance from inside the bottle. www.youtube.com Shanghai Nafeng Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. If you are interested in the machines, please contact with me by : (1)Contact :Tina (2)Skype:tina517m (3)Email:t...